Only Three Days Left to an Incredible Internship

Image(Above) Me working in the newsroom at West Virginia Public Radio.

Tomorrow begins the first day of my last three days interning with West Virginia Public Radio. I can’t get over the amount I’ve learned during this short, four-week time. Never before this experience did I ever imagine myself even slightly interested in being a journalist or radio news reporter, but this internship has proven otherwise. I have learned the tricks of the trade, at least as a novice anyway, and I’ve come to realize I think it’s a lot of fun, and I do it well.

I’ve come to realize how much I really love editing audio, using Adobe Audition, writing news stories, working quickly and cooperatively with other reporters, and even conducting interviews. I remember the first day I walked into the station, and I was so nervous. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and when my first assignment was to call someone to set up an interview for that week, my heart was beating out of my chest I was so nervous. I’m usually a little shy in any new social situation, especially if something specific is expected of me, like specific work or phone calls, etc, and I can sometimes stutter if I’m nervous, but the skills I learned at this internship and the people I’ve been around, guiding me throughout this experience, have really helped relax and ground me in this amazing work, reminding me that even if I’m interviewing Senator Joe Manchin or Governor Tomblin, they’re people like you or me too, so why be nervous? Just be kind, be yourself, and be professional.

It can still be scary, interviewing people, but I’ve really come out of my shell in these last four weeks, and I’m getting so much more comfortable. This past week, I worked on the same sort of things; news spots during All Things Considered, writing stories for West Virginia Morning, recording spots and stories, editing those stories, and getting audio from events to add to a story. Like I mentioned before, my supervisor has been treating me like a real reporter, giving me real work that is expected to be of high quality. It’s really amazing and humbling to be treated as one of their own.

Tomorrow morning, my most recent story will air during West Virginia Morning between 7:30am-8:00am. It’s all about the Mountaineer Boys State camp that’s happened every summer since 1936. I went to one of the boys’ workshops at the Culture Center, and it was a part of an initiative titled, What’s Next, West Virginia? In these upcoming three days, I’m anticipating more work like I’ve done already, as well as completing a story I began last week.

I still can’t believe I only have three days left! Here’s to a good end of a great internship! And hopefully the beginning of a wonderful future in communications wherever it takes me!


Interning with West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Blog #2

Hi everyone! I apologize for my disappearance. Work at my internship has been time-consuming and attention holding and honestly, I kept forgetting to update my blog! But no more! 

I have officially completed my first two weeks of my internship with West Virginia Public Broadcasting, and I still have two-in-a-half weeks left to go. I have been learning an immense amount of invaluable skills during my time at WV PBS, and I was even told that should I wish to continue on the path of a radio news reporter that I might have the chops to do it. What a compliment!

I’m really enjoying my time at WV Public Broadcasting, and I love that I’m treated like an actual employee. I’m expected to do the same kind of work my peers do and of the same caliber. I’m sent out on various assignments and thrown right into the action. As of right now, I have done about a dozen news spots for “All Things Considered”, and I’ve written two big stories that have aired on WV PBS’s morning radio show, “West Virginia Morning.”

On my first day, my supervisor assigned my first big story, which was to conduct an interview with the artistic director of the New Brooklyn Theater for a story that would air on “West Virginia Morning” that following week. This interview was held that Friday, and boy was I nervous. I had never done an interview in such a professional setting. I’ve conducted interviews before, but this one was different. Thankfully, things couldn’t have gone better. My interviewee was very kind and once I met him, my nervousness melted away.

During the rest of that week, leading up to the interview, I was tasked with not only news spots for the afternoon, but I also posted relevant news to the website, read up on news storytelling, and then on that first Wednesday, I was sent out on my first on-site assignment in Charleston. Like with many newbies, however, things seem to go wrong on a first big assignment like that, and well, they did. I was tasked with recording Senator Jay Rockefeller’s speech at the West Virginia Alzheimer’s Association’s annual luncheon, and my recording equipment refused to work. Thankfully, I was able to save myself and write up a spot to post online and record for the afternoon news, but I was so embarrassed. I never wanted that to happen again, and so far, it hasn’t! 

My second week, I edited and finalized the New Brooklyn Theater story, while also juggling other assignments given by my supervisor, including more spots for the afternoon news, and ventures out to cover stories happening in and around Charleston. I also tagged along with one of my peers to shadow her as she conducted interviews of her own. That was really cool, and I was eager to do that. I want to learn all I can from the employees that work at WV PBS, and I think shadowing is one of the best ways to do it. I am currently looking into shadowing the television/video team when they go out on their assignments to collect b-roll for the various video projects they’re working on. Hopefully that works out!

Also during my second week, I did my second big story. This story was about the Girl Scouts of the USA and covered a campaign they had that was held last Thursday to ignite interest in guiding young girls to be strong and pursue being leaders. This was a great panel to attend and to write a story on. I had a great time, and got some great soundbytes from interviews. This story aired on “West Virginia Morning,” but also had an afternoon spot in “All Things Considered” the following day.

Currently, I am just about to hit the middle of my third week, and I’m finishing up my third big story. It should be aired sometime at the beginning of next week and will be on the Contemporary Youth Arts Company’s musical, The Blob. It should be a good one! I’m excited to get the final thoughts from my supervisor on it tomorrow. 

I plan to update my blog again at the end of this week. Talk to you then and thanks for checking out my blog!

My First Day as a West Virginia Public Radio Intern, May 27, 2014

ImageToday was my first day interning with West Virginia Public Broadcasting in Charleston, West Virginia, and wow! What an adventure already. I was thrown right into the fray, being treated like a Charleston reporter and like a real employee instead ofjust some intern passing through. What an amazing experience so far!

Not only was I shown around the station, given an idea of how the whole system works, but I was also given my own work station with a computer, an office phone, my own email, and a spot on the website. My first assignment was to call a young man to ask him for an interview about his upcoming play that will be performed on the Kanawha River in June. It was so exciting dialing the number and saying, “Is this so-and-so? Hi, I’m Elizabeth McCormick with West Virginia Public Radio. We would like to do an interview with you on your new play next time you’re in Charleston.” It was seriously the coolest thing. The young man was very excited too, probably on account of being asked to be interviewed by WV Public Radio. I would be pretty psyched too! I will be conducting this interview this coming Friday.

Next on my list of learning for the day, I was shown the Production Studio, where I tested out the soundboard, played with Adobe Audition, and did some test sound bytes. My supervisor seemed to be pleased with my voice, and that was a dream come true. I was given some tips for improvement, but over all, she was happy with my sound. What was truly exciting about this part however, was the fact that I would have access to the Production Studio whenever I liked. How cool is that? And it will be in this same Production Studio, that I will be having my interview Friday!

As the day progressed, I got to sit in on conference calls, watch and listen to my supervisor give the news, and I got to put together my very own story spot for the 4pm news! My story was on the Vandalia Gathering award that was given just last week. In fact, here’s a link to my story! I also recorded an audio version of this and it was aired later. Personally, I felt like my story was a bit weak, because I was nervous and on a time crunch, so I want my next one to be better.

I’m not sure what’s in store for tomorrow, but I’m guessing it’ll be more work like today. One thing I know I will be doing as the next three in a half weeks go by is making phone calls, and lots of them. This is the only part of my internship that I am very nervous about. It’s going to be something I work on fervently during my time at West Virginia Public Radio, and I hope to better my skills so I’m not so nervous and stutter. Wish me luck! I’ll be writing two blogs a week; one at the beginning of each week and one at the end. Check back this weekend to hear how the rest of my week went!


Flash & Blizzard (a short film by Elizabeth McCormick)

Flash & Blizzard is the story of Erika and Jade, two women who for the last twenty-five years have lived without one another. As best friends, growing up they were inseparable, but once the demands of adulthood took over, they drifted apart and did not keep in touch…until now.

In this artistic, dialogue film, we see two friends who are still able to act as they once did as children, even though the span of years that separated them seemed to diminish everything they once knew.

Questions arise however, plaguing the women’s thoughts, especially Erika’s. When are you too old to be playing pretend? When must you grow up? And why does it seem that our society looks down upon those over twelve who still play pretend?

Flash & Blizzard questions this idea that when one grows up, they must throw away all childish behaviors. Is it really so bad that old friends over fifty play as they once did when they were ten-years-old?

Join Erika and Jade as they discover the answers to these questions taking up their roles as Flash and Blizzard once more!